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My Mission With Waxing

I want to create an environment where a person can get a detox, de-spasm massage with a wax as a one-stop-shop. The idea is not to be rushed, but more into healing body, mind and soul, so please leave ample of time for “me-time”.

Unisex Waxing/Grooming

Waxing will remove hair almost everywhere on your body (pubic hair, legs, arms, back, stomach, buttocks, hands and feet, nose and ears. Although a bit painful at first, one get used to that and depending on technique and what products are used, can be a pleasant relaxing experience, and I offer it with a massage as well. Consider this as “me time”.

It is a semi-permanent way of removing hair from the root. It will take 4 – 6 weeks for hair to grow back although you can see regrowth in only one week in some cases.

Before Wax:

A lot of clients will drink an aspirin before coming to be waxed. We do have shower facilities before and after treatment. Please ensure that skin is ready to be waxed. Ensure that there are no cuts, sores, abrasions on skin. Also ensure that hair is about ½ cm long. It will speed up the process.

After Wax:

After leaving, you will feel like a breath of fresh air, rejuvenated by a healing massage and skin, smooth and will make you come back for more.

After waxing, it is a good idea to drink an anti-inflammatory as skin might not be used to treatment.

Please stay out of sun 2 days prior and after treatment.

You will have red skin but will subside in a few hours.

Extra care has to be given after waxing when re-growth will be visible again. Exfoliate to keep skin free of pimples and ingrown hair. You can also use after wax products available at pharmacies.

Keep in mind, waxing come with a massage to heal body, mind and spirit!!


Hollywood R350
Back (full back bottom hairline to waist line) R220
Back (half midback to waist) R150
Chest R180
Stomach R130
Ear, Nose R 50 per area
Side Burns R120
Half Leg R150
Full Leg R280
Feet and Toes R 50
Under Arm R120
Full Arm (from shoulders down) R150
Hands and Fingers R 50
Bikini R150
Buttocks R150

Terms and conditions apply. Prices may change without prior notice!

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