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I went to Igna a few times as I suffered from cluster headaches which resulted in insomnia, ill health and spasms in my neck and shoulders. I hardly had a social life as I had to plan around my health before I could accept. My high powered position, regular travel within South Africa and long hours was a contributing factor. It was unbearable!

A friend referred me to Igna after numerous complaints about my life.

My quality of life has improved as I am more flexible, more relaxed and less stressed and my headaches are pretty much a thing of the past! Igna’s professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for the work she does and as a person is refreshing!

Thanks Igna for improving my lifestyle!
  About 2 and half years ago I had a serious lower back operation. The operation in in itself was unsuccessfull. I suffered serious pains which I could not handle.

Thereafter I looked for somebody who could assist me in this field. Luckily I met Igna Havenga who is a professional in this field and she offered massaging as Treatment. After 6 months of serious treatment I could easily feel the difference. The pains disappeared and slowly enter the stage of entirely heeling. It felt heavenly.

She also offered ozone treatment which I feel is a must for similar problems. She is a very friendly lady and do recommend her for all your problems.

As a fitness trainer she looked after my swimming routine and keep me on par with my Training.

This girl is highly recommended for your problems.

I am a Professional Executive and as such suffer the stresses that accompany such a position. I visited Igna on a number of occassions and found her Professionalism and knowledge of her subject to be most exciting. I can immediately feel the difference after a treatment and have since stopped all other sources of medication and massage therapy.

I believe the secret to success is to operate above and beyond the accepted norms and my visits to Igna have certainly allowed me to do such.

I continue to use her services despite the fact that I need to travel 100km to each therapy session.

Ignah is well known to me and has helped me out for the last 3 years with my health. Very strong character with a lovely personality and a pleasure to be with. POWERFULL HANDS with enough knowledge to treat a King. You will not get any better than this, so spoil yourself and go for it.

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