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Igna Havenga Having been in massage industry for 14
years have taught me a lot of body and
mind and all the healing your body can
respond to, not only by massages, but
by your mind. If the massage therapist
has her intention on being an instrument
of healing with greatest of love and care,
great healing can take place! Modalities
like the hypnosis make it possible for
a person to heal in totality from
everything in your subconscious mind
you are not even aware of.
Inga Havenga
Igna Havenga Igna Havenga
Inga Havenga I have been involved in the sports industry for nearly 20 years, having completed 6 Comrades, 2 full distance Ironman, many Ultra running events, mountain bike events, swimming events and road cycle events. Endurance Triathlete
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