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My Mission

My mission is to see people get better through such a session, it is my intention to assist people in healing themselves and I, as I say it will be done with Divine Intervention. Please note that the session is not based on any religion, the purpose is to get answers about ourselves and heal ourselves in such a way to advance to a more knowledgeable being here on earth and knowing who we are, and what we need to achieve, gives us a more content life as the void is then filled.

My interest in assisting people, in their life journey as a pilgrim started in 2016 as a failed suicide attempt. I could not find answers to life’s simple questions and it didn’t matter how much I prayed, watching religious movies, treating people right, I still felt a void inside of me and I couldn’t fix it. I am a very analytical person but it doesn’t matter how much alcohol, addictions and anti-depressants and sleeping tablets I took, I remained unhappy and could only fill the void inside of me on a temporary basis. Needless to say, I am cured once I started to do self-examination and started clearing old anger, forgiving people, and started to be a light-bearer to other people as my main mission.

A person use emotional crutches to get by on a temporary basis whether it is alcohol, binge-eating, medication, self-destruction through over working, overtraining, non-training or over-socialising/partying. Once you have used the crutch, it only creates temporary relieve the void or problem inside, you will have a pattern and does not matter how you want to break it, you can’t do it on your own.

It is only when I was on other side (death) and with instructions to come and do life purpose, I started with the work I was meant to do. I saw it, not to live for myself or enjoy life as such, but a second chance to assist only other people/pilgrims in finding their path to freedom and healing through self-examination and exploration of the unknown within themselves. I also learnt that I have to help and assist other people while I heal myself and I realised that healing yourself is a lifetime goal, and pulling people with me as a group makes the world a better place for changing each other as a whole. One candle can create light in a dark room and if everyone does that, fewer disasters will happen in this world and the world would be a better place according to your perception.


A lot of people think hypnosis is a stage entertainment event but it is far from it. It is not dangerous at all and is purely an intention of finding answers relevant to this lifetime. Your Subconscious has got the answers to everything, and whether a disease, a struggle in life, depression, patterns, life purpose and many more. The practitioner is just the facilitator in the process and hypnosis is done through self-hypnosis. All sessions are recorded and belong to patient. They can listen to it repeatedly to improve their life path, based on the recorded version of Higher Conscious/Subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is not for everyone, and the right practitioner is also important to resonate with, as it can create a bond of knowing, growing and advance to certain knowledge about oneself on another level.

We spend our days in trance in anyway when we daydream, are on a road trip (in a state of trance) and finally getting to destination but didn’t know how we got there. Watching TV put you in a trance and is self-hypnosis in itself that is why advertisement flashes are focused on the subconscious mind getting the subliminal messages about their product.

We have lived many lives here on earth and it is only understandable to say that within our subconscious mind/Higher Conscious we have all our answers about ourselves.

Please note that a session can be anything from 2 hours to 4 hours and should not be rushed. Please enquire how and what it is all about as this is a form of an alternative healing method.

Different Scenarios

1. Patterns

A lot of people have patterns is this life and it is happening and will happen until you have learnt the lesson of why the pattern occur. Did you notice how abused women keep on finding abusive men?

Once you discover a pattern in your life and you want to find answers to that, hypnosis can assist in overcoming the pattern and find the solution.

2. Sicknesses/Diseases

Some diseases in the body can’t be cured by medication and through hypnosis you can find out the real cause and get healing (if appropriate to this lifetime). Included in the session is also a physical healing session.

3. Childhood

Most of the karmic lessons we have to learn are from mother, father, husband, wife, partner, brother or sister. Our childhood forms our life and who we are eventually. Karma has to be paid back and when we die, the only judging is judge ourselves for not achieving for what we came here to do on earth. A cast of characters keep on coming with us through our lifetimes until we learn the lessons and pay karma back.

4. Restlessness

A lot of people feel they live life and have it all, family, house, prestigious career, but somehow, something is lacking. You start to search subconsciously to find what is lacking, but you don’t seem to find it. You keep busy but nothing keeps you content or makes you happy. We only can be happy when happiness comes from inside of us, and the minute we realise who we are and reasons for doing certain things, it can be solved and we can be happy and carry it out to other people.

5. Depression

The majority of society finds solution is anti-depressants but to suppress your feelings will not heal you as a person. Drugs, as such has a big influence to suppress our ailments but part of the healing process for each person is to find out the core of the problem, and is inside you, to heal.

Coming for a session has to come from within yourself. When you know you can’t carry on your life the way it is. You want to find the hole/void as nothing you will do makes you happy and you keep on replacing the hole with different events/people etc but can’t find contentment or happiness.

Why do you want to come?

What are you looking for?

What do you want to find out?

Please note that if higher conscious thinks you should not know of certain events in your future as it will change outcome to your disadvantage, it will not make that fact known.

If you are sure the purpose of coming, make a list of questions relevant to your life and make an appointment.

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